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The Bail Bond Process

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How does this all work?

These are used if people want to get out of jail but they could not pay the bailing amount. When a person gets arrested, he has to spend time in jail until his case has been resolved in court. Trials could last for weeks and months. This is bad for the detained individual especially if he is innocent. Spending time in jail means he has to miss important events in his life such as family reunions, recitals of his kids, birthdays, and other occasions. Depending on the case people have the right to get out of jail through bailing. But bailing amounts can cost anywhere from one thousand dollars to a million dollars. If people could not produce the bailing amount they have the option to go for bail bonds.

What are my options?

Of all the various baling options, the bond is the most common. Through this method, a detained person can get out of jail even if he has not paid the bailing amount yet. Nevertheless, he is still obliged to pay a premium to a bonding company with the help of a bond agent. The bonding company will guarantee the bailing amount that the defendant owes the court. The premium usually costs ten percent of the total amount of the bailing bond ordered by the court. For example, if the bond costs thirty thousand dollars, the premium will be three thousand dollars. The amounts are payable through cash or credit card.

Sometimes, the bonding company will require the suspect to pledge collateral aside from the paid premium. This decreases the possibility of the suspect not showing up in court when he is supposed to do so. After all, it would be plain dumb for anyone to escape knowing that huge collateral, like a property, car, or jewelry, is at stake.

Will the Premiums Be Retrieved?

GavelWill people be able to retrieve their premiums after the cases have been resolved? Unfortunately, the money that is paid to the bonding company will never be retrieved. The premium is a form of payment to the bonding company in exchange for its service. Its service is to guarantee to the court that the bail will be paid. A lot of people are disappointed when they find out that they could not regain their premium again. Nevertheless, if the defendant has been able to pay the full bailing amount, the money that he paid will be returned to him. The only thing is that he should show up in court for hearings. If he fails to comply with that, he will forfeit the money and his collateral as well.

If the option to get bail is not available, people will not have the chance to rescue their loved ones from jail. They will stay there until their cases have been resolved. Those who have questions regarding the bailing process can go directly to the courts where their cases are being processed. This service is beneficial to a lot of people especially those who are innocent.